Nitecore F21i Fast Charging Power System

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  • Nitecore F21i Fast Charging Power System 
  • Input
  • USB-C: 5V=2A / 9V=2A
  • Output
  • Battery: 4.2V=4A (MAX)
  • USB-C: 5V=2.4A / 9V=2A / 12V=1.5A
  • Compatible With 
  • 21700 i Series Battery
  • Weight
  • 22g
  •  Highlights
  • 2-in-1 Battery Charger & Power Bank
  • 18W  USB-C Dual Way Fast Charge: Available with QC, PD and more protocols
  • The white indicator will turn on to indicate the access of Fast Charging Mode
  • Revolutionary and Powerfully Upgraded 21700 i Series Battery:
         - The 21700 i Series Battery is a patent product developed by Nitecore
         - Enables a highly efficient output by minimizing the loss of power due to internal resistance
         - Features dual way output with positive and negative polarities at both ends and a high energy density 
         - Compatible with modular extensions of intelligent communications and controlling systems
  • This product comes with a NL2150HPi 5000mAh battery
  • Used as a Battery Charger: Available to charge a 21700 i Series Battery when connected to an external power source
  • The blue indicators will flash to indicate the charging process
  • Used as a Power Bank: Always ready to charge other devices when the 21700 i Series Battery has sufficient power
  • Touch Sensor Power Display: Tap the USB-C port, and the blue indicators will turn on the display the power level
  • Multiple Protection Safeguards:
         - Overcharge Protection
         - Overcurrent Protection
         - Over-discharge Protection
         - Short-Circuit Protection
         - Thermal Protection
         - Overvoltage Protection
  • Ultra Compact and Lightweight with only 22g
  • Body made from lightweight and fire retardant PC materials
  • EPDM Elastic Band: The elastic bands made from EPDM rubber, featuring outstanding durability and excellent corrosion and heat resistance
  • Compatible Flashlights: P10i, P20i, P20iUV, P20iX, P30i, i4000R
  • Package Contents: Nitecore F21i, USB Charging Cable (USB-C to USB-C), NL2150HPi 5000mAh Battery
  • Nitecore F21i Fast Charging Power System
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