NEXTORCH V61 Compatible Flashlight Holder

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Flashlight Accessories
  • Material
  • PA + GF
  • Dimensions
  • 122mm x 55mm x 68mm
  • Weight
  • 96g
  • Highlights
  • NEXTORCH V61 Compatible Flashlight Holder is an upgrade from the classic V6, with an even better belt clamp. It allows you to insert & draw your flashlight into/from the holder quickly. Its upgraded belt clamp can be freely detached and is compatible with belts up to 55 mm wide and MOLLE. Same as V6, V61 is compatible with many flashlights (head/tail diameter of 27 - 30 mm), and 360° rotatable with 16 locking positions. Its grip on the flashlight is adjustable with rubber rings. What's more, you can insert compatible flashlights into V61 at both ends
  • High Compatibility
  • Adjustable Tightness of Quick Plug: You can tighten or loosen V61's grip the flashlight by adding more or removing rubber rings 
  • Innovative Locking Designs 
  • 360° rotation with 16 locking positions
  • Quick to react: You can insert and draw your flashlight into or from V61 quickly, and improve your response time
  • Insert at both ends: For diameter(Head/Tail) 27-30mm flashlights
  • Multi-function Belt Clamp with Innovative Locking Designs: Adjustable to fit belt up to 55mm wide, and MOLLE
  • Reliable Locking Block Design
  • Quick slide to fit your belt
  • Detachable design for holder and belt mount
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Made of engineering plastics which is lightweight, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant
  • Compatible Flashlights(Head Dia.): TA30 V2.0, TA15 V2.0, TA01, E6, E51 V2.0
  • Compatible Flashlights(Tail Dia.): P60, PA5, P5, TA40, T5, T7
  • NEXTORCH V61 Compatible Flashlight Holder
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